The Creation of Our Motivational Journal - A Powerful Companion from The Covenant Apparel

The Creation of Our Motivational Journal - A Powerful Companion from The Covenant Apparel
Step into the world of inspiration and personal growth as we unveil the remarkable story behind the creation of our motivational journal. Designed to empower individuals on their journey towards greatness, this journal embodies the essence of The Covenant Apparel's commitment to uplift, motivate, and transform lives.

Crafting Meaningful Content from a Vision

The idea for our motivational journal sparked from a desire to provide a tangible tool that would amplify personal growth and encourage self-reflection outside of our Motivation Mondays! We believe that true transformation begins from within, Covenant envisioned a journal that would serve as a powerful companion, nurturing dreams, and inspiring action. We created a space for those always in their heads to write their story and get those thoughts out on paper. To bring our vision to life, Covenant's very own, Tyrese Hobbs dedicated about 6 months to tell a motivating story using quotes challenging the user to step outside their comfort zone. Ultimately, choosing the best quotes and questions to ignite the user's inner drive.
We believe that aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. The Covenant Apparel with great precision crafted the journal to ensure it evoked a sense of inspiration, excitement, elegance. From the premium quality paper to the strategically placed quotes/questions, every aspect of the journal was created with the ideal user's experience in mind.
Hobbs had an idea of what he thought perfectly encapsulated these elements. Through a few rough drafted sketches, he collaborated with Malaysha Belton--a creative visionary, who brought that vision to life! Through a small series of edits and renditions the cover was finalized and Hobbs was able to get to work on the interiors of the journal. 
front cover of journal back of journal

Inspiring a Community with Goal Setting

One of the key elements of our motivational journal is the integration of goal setting. Recognizing the possible evolutionary impact of setting clear intentions, the journal provides ample space and opportunity for outlining goals, tracking progress, and celebrating our small wins! This freeform approach empowers individuals to be free flowing but also allows for manifestation of their aspirations and the key to unlocking their true potential. Beyond the pages of the journal, Covenant fosters a vibrant growing community of individuals who share a passion for personal growth, empowerment, and a high quality of life. Through our social media platforms, online presence, and exclusive events we encourage our community to connect, inspire one another, and embark on their journeys together with a fully functioning support system. 

bulk order of journals in box

As excited as we are to provide this tool to our growing community, we knew we had to create a visual to assist in getting the message across out platforms and reaching those in need of this amazing companion. Under the creative direction of Tyrese Hobbs, a short film was created telling the story of "The Race Against Time". This short film was filmed by Brent Jackson.



Filmed by Brent Jackson, Director Jordan Young, Creative Director and Actor Tyrese Hobbs